(Non-Australian couples should contact the Malaysian National Registration Department or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) in the state/territory where they intend to marry to obtain more information on procedures and document requirements.  Click here for a list of JPN branches and contact details in Malaysia).

Australian couples wishing to marry in Malaysia must provide 21 days written notice to the local Registrar of Marriage.  For an additional fee, a special license can reduce this to less than 7 days for foreigners, provided that all documentation is correct.

Some hotels/resorts provide wedding packages for those intending to marry in Malaysia - please check with your travel agent.

Prior to going to Malaysia for the marriage:

Both persons must send the following documents for to the Consular Section, Malaysian High Commission, 7 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla ACT 2600 for certification before going to Malaysia.

  1. The completed Statutory Declaration for each party to the marriage.
  2. The Original Single Status Search document from the State Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages which must be attested by your local State office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. And, if divorced, those papers also attested by Justice of the Peace.
  3. A copy of the Birth Certificate that has been attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia.

*Kindly refer to 'Documents Required' below for a full list documents and explanation.


The High Commission of Malaysia will place its official certification stamp on the documents. The Charge for each document is AUD$5.00 (see certification fee charges). Enclose a Post Office Money Order for the amount of the documents need to be certified by the High Commisson (no personal cheques or credit cards accepted) payable to the Malaysia High Commission and  a self-addressed Platinum Express / Registered envelope for the return of the documents

Please also provide your telephone number.

Upon arrival in Malaysia:

Couples will need to be present at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) / National Registration Department counter in the state or territory where they wish to marry to make a formal application to marry  (Borang/Form JPN.KC02) and arrange a time and date of the ceremony. 

This involves getting the Commissioner of Oaths to place his stamp on the marriage licence and obtaining the approval of the Director of Registration for the marriage to proceed based on the validity of documents submitted to him. 

While you may arrange a civil celebrant or some other ceremony, the marriage will only be legal once the documents are signed and witnessed at the local Marriage Registry office.

Please check with JPN on the fees that is relevant to your situation.

If time is of essence, you should apply for a special license at an additional fee, and check whether there are any public holidays (national or state) which will occur during the time you intend to submit your application.  You may need someone who speaks Malay to assist you at the registrar’s office (the hotel should know this).

Be sure to retain and safeguard the original marriage certificate (keep photocopies as well) as it is not easy to obtain copies of lost documents, particularly after many years after the event, when applying from overseas.

Click here for a list of JPN branches and contact details in Malaysia.

Click here for JPN opening hours.


Documents Required in Malaysia:

1.  Statutory Declaration (on the standard Australian form available at a Post Office or Newsagent, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace).  This should state:

- Your name, address and country of residence

- Age (legal age for marriage in Malaysia is 21, otherwise consent of parents /or guardians must be given)

- That there is no legal obstacle to the marriage

- That you are not lawfully married to any other person

- That both parties consent to the marriage.

2. Single Status  Search

A document confirming your single status from your Australian State Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. It’s called a Single Status Search document. This must then be attested by your local State office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (cost $20).


If previously married, confirmation of dissolution of previous marriage (e.g., a death certificate or divorce certificate or nullity decree). Certified copy by Justice of  Peace.

3. Copy of  Birth Certificate

Attested by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as a genuine Australian government document (plus 2 photocopies of original after it has been endorsed by the Malaysian High Commission).

4. Passport

Original and two photocopies of data front section of passport.

5. Two passport size photos of each person.









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