23/2014 - The High Commission of Malaysia will be closed on 26th of January 2015 due to Australian Day celebration, The High Commission will reopen as usual on 27th of January 2015.

22/2014 - Retirement of Honorary Consul for Malaysia in Adelaide, South Australia

The High Commission of Malaysia has the honor to imform on the retirement of the Honorable Mr. Hassan Salleh, the Honorary Consul for Malaysia in Adelaide, South Australia effective from 1st October 2014. All consular services previously under the purview of the Honorable Mr. Hassan Salleh have been taken over by the High Commission of Malaysia in Canberra from 1st October 2014 until further notice.  

(1th October 2014)

21/2014 - Embassy Futsal World Cup 2014, organized by the Hyatt Canberra Hotel

On the invitation from the Hyatt Canberra Hotel, the organiser of the Embassy Futsal World Cup 2014, The Malaysian High Commission assembled a caca-marba futsal team on the eve of its first game against New Zealand on 10th June 2014. Players comprising of the has-beens from among the officers at the High Commission to those who still have it among the Local Recruited Staff packed quite a punch together with young players among the children and Defence Office cadets to give the High Commission a surprising 8-1 victory over New Zealand. Our adversaries are not at all easy with 28 embassies sending their best to the front with big names such as Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, France,Italy,Brazil,Russia as well as Saudi Arabia, Botswana,New Zealand,United Arab Emirates,Qatar,Peru, Algeria,Chile,China,Papua New Guinea,USA,Israel,Brunei,Turkey,Indonesia,Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia,Kosovo,South Africa,Hyatt Hotel Canberra and Nepal. The following results tells it all about our road to glory in this "world cup" in Canberra. 2nd round Msia 2- Columbia 1, Quarter Finals Msia 2-Russia 5, Semi Final Msia 4-Kosovo 4 (Kosovo win 3-2 on penalty), 3rd place Msia won beating Hyatt Canberra 8-3. Msia Hi Comm team has proven that it might not be a "Jaguh Kampung" but has made it as "Jagoan Antarabangsa" at least in Australia. To the Malaysia Hi Comm Futsal team, we say Syabas!  

(25th May 2014)

20/2014 - Southeast Asian Art and Culture: Ideas, Forms and Societies An Exhibition- All Malaysians are Invited


(30th July 2014)

19/2014 - Eid Celebration at Malaysia House - All Malaysians are Invited


(29th July 2014)

18/2014 - Malaysia High Commissioner hosted dinner for the Malaysian Parliamentarian at Rumah Malaysia

On 25 May 2014, Y.Bhg Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad, High Commissioner hosted dinner for the Malaysian Parliamentarian at Rumah Malaysia. The Parliamantarian delegation was led by Y.Bhg Datuk Doris Sophia Ak Brodi, Deputy President of Senate along with 11 MP's. Mission also took the opportunity to also invite all Head of Department and Malaysian PR to join in the dinner. In attendance also was the two MH370 Canberra Team (Admiral Hanafiah and Capt Mior) who arrrived earlier that day. The dinner allows all guest to 'mingle' and update each other on related issues such as MH370, domestic politics and current bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and Australia.  

(25th May 2014)

17/2014 - Head of Mission ASEAN Committee in Canberra (ACC) Meeting 2014

On 21 May 2014, the Head of Mission ASEAN Committee in Canberra (ACC) held a meeting at Malaysia High Commission chaired by HE Dato? Zainal Abidin Ahmad. The HOM ACC holds regular meetings to discuss various issues of interest relating to ASEAN and Australia as a whole. Malaysia holds the chair for HOM ASEAN for the first half of 2014 (February till August)  

(21st May 2014)

16/2014 - Yb Dato Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Minister of Defence / Acting Minister of Transport To Australia To Attend The Mh370 Tripartite Meeting In Canberra

Senior Ministers from Australia, Malaysia and China met on 5 May 2014 to discuss the way forward for the new phase of the search for MH370. Australia?s Deputy Prime Minister, the Honorable Warren Truss MP chaired the meeting with YB Dato Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport and the Chinese Minister of Transport, Mr Yang Chuantang on the status of the search for MH370 and future plans for the search. The meeting reiterated that Australia will continue to assist Malaysia in the search efforts for MH370. Steps are currently being undertaken by Australia and Malaysia to conclude a more comprehensive agreement that would clearly define the responsibilities of both Parties for aspects of the search and recovery task and, in particular, financial responsibilities for any contracting of commercial search and recovery capabilities of the Parties. YB Dato Seri Hishammuddin also took the opportunity during his brief stay in Canberra to visit Australia Transport Safety Bereau and meeting with Chief of Defence Force after the meeting.  

(5th May 2014)

15/2014 - Working Visit of HE Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad to Canberra Islamic Centre

On 18 April 2014, HE Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad, High Commissioner of Malaysia made a visit to Canberra Islamic Centre. His Excellency and three other officials (HBS) were received by Dr. Mansoor Syed, Vice President of the Centre and other committee members. During the visit, High Commissioner was brief on the unfortunate event occurred on 13 April 2014. Expletives were sprayed on the walls, a library full of hundreds of books left trashed and kerosene was poured on the ground when vandals broke into an Islamic community centre in Monash and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars? worth of damage. Members of the Canberra Islamic Centre discovered the centre had been damaged by intruders for the second time in the past eight days after they arrived for evening prayers. At the end of the visit, HE High Commissioner handed over donations to the Canberra Islamic Centre that were collected among the HBS, LRS and members of PERWAKILAN.  

(18th April 2014)

14/2014 - YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak and YAB Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor Working Visit To Perth Australia

YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak and YAB Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor made a working visit to Perth, Australia from 2 . 3 April 2014. YAB Prime Minister was accompanied by Malaysia Foreign Minister YB Dato Seri Anifah Aman and wife, plus senior officials from Prime Minister Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the visit, YAB Dato Seri accompanied by YB Foreign Minister visited Pearce RAAF base in Perth on Thursday, 3rd April 2014 and was greeted by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Defence Minister David Johnston and the head of the search operation, retired Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston. Both Prime Ministers had spend time mingling with all international air crew including Malaysian Air Force. Both leaders also had a bilateral meeting at Prime Minister.s Tony Abbott state office followed by luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Abbott in honour of YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.  

(2nd April 2014)

13/2014 - Najib Tiba Di Australia Untuk Lawatan Kerja Dua Hari

PERTH, 2 April (Sumber dari Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tiba di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Perth di sini pada 11 malam Rabu untuk lawatan kerja dua hari ke Australia, termasuk bagi melihat sendiri operasi mencari pesawat Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 di luar bandar raya barat Australia ini, setelah ia dipercayai berakhir di selatan Lautan Hindi. ... read more...  

(2nd April 2014)

12/2014 - Y.Bhg Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad attended the swearing-in of His Excellency Peter Cosgrove as Australia's 26th governor-general

Y.Bhg Dato Zainal Abidin Ahmad, High Commissioner attended the swearing-in of His Excellency Peter Cosgrove as Australia's 26th governor-general on 28 March 2014. Scores of politicians, diplomatic corps and dignitaries witnessed the ceremony inside the Senate chamber. Prime Minister Tony Abbott welcomed Sir Peter to Parliament House where he received a general salute and 21 gun salute from a military guard of honor. Wearing civilian attire and displaying a host of military and civil medals, General Cosgrove was sworn into the nation's highest constitutional office by High Court chief justice Robert French.  

(28th March 2014)

11/2014 - Working Visit of Y.Bhg Datuk Dr Madinah Binti Mohamad, KSU of Education Ministry to Australia

The Malaysia - Australia Joint Working Group Meeting was hosted by Australia on the 5 . 7 March 2014. The objective of the bilateral dialogue was to discuss on education cooperation and to explore new opportunities between Y.Bhg Datuk Dr. Madinah binti Mohamad, Secretary General of Education, Malaysia and Lisa Paul, Secretary of Education Australia. Accompanying officials is from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (represented by Malawakil) and Education Malaysia Sydney (EMAS). During the meeting, both Malaysia and Australia have strong interests with respect to further enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of education. Both principal had the opportunity to exchange views, perspectives and government policies on these developments. Y.Bhg Datuk Dr. Madinah binti Mohamad, Secretary General of Education also took the opportunity to have a brief tour at University Canberra and Australia National University in Canberra as well as meeting Malaysian students in Sydney before departing to Kuala Lumpur.  

(5th March 2014)

10/2014 - Sesi Perjumpaan Dan Suai Kenal Bersama Malaysian Postgraduate Student Association Canberra (MyPSA-ACT)

Satu majlis perjumpaan antara pelajar . pelajar Malaysia, Penduduk Tetap dan kakitangan Suruhanjaya Tinggi Malaysia telah diadakan pada 15 Februari 2014 bertempat di Cotter Avenue, Canberra. Majlis ini bertujuan untuk memberi kesempatan kepada para pelajar baru berkenalan dengan pelajar senior dan penduduk tetap yang berada di sekitar Australia Capital Authorities (ACT) Pertubuhan yang dikenali sebagai MYPSA ini diketuai oleh saudara Fauzan Abu Bakar selaku pengerusi dengan mempunyai keahlian seramai 50 orang. Majlis perjumpaan ini telah disusun dengan pelbagai pengisian bagi mengimarahkannnya seiring dengan objektif pertemuan iaitu untuk mengukuhkan ikatan ukwah di kalangan para pelajar baru bersama rakyat Malaysia yang berada di Canberra.  

(15th February 2014)

09/2014 - Working Visit of YB Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Home Affairs, Malaysia to Australia

YB. Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi made a working vist to Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) from 17 to 20 February 2014. YB. Minister is accompanied by senior government officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (represented Malawakil Canberra), Royal Malaysian Police and Immigration Department. ... read more... 

(24th February 2014)

08/2014 - Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited Malaysia on 16-17 February 2014

Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, YB. Dato' Sri Anifah Aman and his counterpart Hon. Julie Bishop prior to a meeting at Wisma Putra in Putrajaya. Hon. Bishop is in Malaysia on an official visit to hold talks with Malaysian Officials on bilateral and regional issues.

(21st February 2014)

07/2014 - Jointly Courtesy Call by ASEAN Heads of Mission on Governor of South Australia

On the 12th February 2014, His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, the Governor of South Australia received HE Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad, High Commissioner for Malaysia; HE Mr Zakaria Ahmad, High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam; HE Mr Phomma Khammanichanh, Ambassador of Laos People's Democratic Republic, and HE Mr Maris Sangiampongsa, Ambassador of Thailand. 

(20th February 2014)

06/2014 - Australia ASEAN Business Forum 2014

HE Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad attends the Australia ASEAN Business Forum 2014, in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary Australia-ASEAN held on 12th February 2014 at the InterContinental Adelaide. As the current ASEAN Chairman of ASEAN Community in Canberra (ACC), Dato' Zainal was invited as one of the guest speaker during the Plenary Session 1 on 'ASEAN TODAY'. Other panels include HE Mr. Simon Merrifield, Australian Ambassador to ASEAN and Mr. Tim Harcourt, J.W. Nevile Fellow in Economics, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales.

(12th February 2014)

05/2014 - National Multicultural Festival 2014

The Malaysian High Commission, in collaboration with the Ladies Association (PERWAKILAN) Canberra is pleased to participate in the National Multicultural Festival which is Canberra's biggest annual celebration. We extend our appreciation to the ACT Government for hosting this spectacular for the community to interact.

We extend our greetings "Selamat Datang" to you and warmly invite you to visit our Information Stall and our food-stall. Come and savour a variety of Malaysian delicacies ranging from 'Satay' to"Teh-tarik" and other foods. We will be a part of the Multicultural Festival on Saturday 8th February 2014 from 10:30 am ....read more...

(06th February 2014)

04/2014 - Courtesy Call on the Hon Julie Bishop, Minister of Foreign Affairs Australia 

HE Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad, High Commissioner of Malaysia made a courtesy call on the Honorable Julie Bishop, Minister of Foreign Affairs on 31 January 2014. The Courtesy Call was arranged following the request made by the High Commission in November 2014 as he arrived in Canberra and presented his credential in October 2013. It also coincided with the visit of the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to Malaysia scheduled to take place on 16-17 February 2014.

(05th February 2014)

03/2014 - Resignation of the Honorary Consul of Malaysia in Brisbane

Please kindly take note of the resignation of the Honorable Mr. Paul Everingham, the Honorary Consul of Malaysia in Brisbane effective 10th January 2014. 

In this relation, all consular matters should therefore be forwarded to the High Commission in Canberra until further notice. For ease of reference, our website remains www.malaysia.org.au and the email addresses consular@malaysia.org.au (for consulat matters) and immigration@malaysia.org.au (for immigration and travel document related matters) 

(04th February 2014)




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