Renunciation Of Malaysian Citizenship

Under Article 23(1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia:

Chapter 2—Termination of Citizenship

Renunciation of citizenship

23. (1) Any citizen of or over the age of twenty-one years and of sound mind who is also or is about to become a citizen of another country may renounce his citizenship of the Federation by declaration registered by the Federal Government, and shall thereupon cease to be a citizen.

Application form (Borang K) can be obtained by writing a letter of request and addressed to the High Commission of Malaysia in Canberra. The address of the High Commission of Malaysia is:

The High Commission of Malaysia                                Consular Section                                                                                       7 Perth Avenue                                                            Yarralumla                                                                                          ACT 2600, Canberra                                                              Australia

The duly completed application form needs to be submitted in person at the Consular Section of the High Commission of Malaysia. Please bring along the supporting documents outlined below:

  • Original and 3 copies of Malaysian Passport
  • Original and 3 copies of Malaysian Identity Card
  • Original and 3 copies of Birth Certificate (The original birth certificate will be returned to you by the National Registry Office of Malaysia (JPN) once the application is approved)
  • 3 certified copies of Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • 3 Passport size photographs.
  • Fee of AUD 10.00 (Effective from 2 March 2009) in the form of Money Order or Bank Cheque payable to Malaysian High Commission
  • One (1) self addressed envelope with a 60c stamp affixed to acknowledge receipt of your documents 
  • One (1) self addressed local registered post envelope to return your original birth certificate.

Borang K needs to be signed before an officer at the Malaysian Consulate, Justice of the Peace or a Police Officer in your area. Ensure the stamp of identification accompanies the signature of the witness. Applicant is also required to give an impression of your LEFT and RIGHT thumbprints (in black ink) next to your signature which must be witnessed by the appropriate person.


Application for a Certificate of Good Conduct

The online application for certificate of good conduct is suspended at the moment. Please click the link below for temporary instruction for applying the certificate of good conduct  .                                                    NOTICE FOR TEMPORARY MANUAL APPLICATION OF CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT                                                                                                       APPLICATION FORM OF CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT (MALAYSIAN)                                                                                                       APPLICATION FORM OF CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT (NON-MALAYSIAN) 

25st March 2015




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